S.S. Scooter Engineering is a vintage and modern scooter workshop in Alexandria, Sydney. We are driven by our passion for Italian scooters, specialising in performance upgrades, repairs, maintenance and restorations and routine servicing of Vespa and Lambretta scooters. Whether your scooter is a classic or modern model, we make sure that your beloved ride is both reliable and safe. We have access to all genuine, performance parts and accessories as well as a range of  Pirelli and Continental tyres.

Sandy Symeonides, owner and head mechanic of S.S. Scooter, is one of Australia’s most respected and highly decorated scooter mechanics. An active member of the Australian scooter scene, he is a zealous enthusiast who lives and breathes to produce fast, reliable and meticulously restored scooters. His dedication and skills are reflected in the many top class customs and full original restorations he has undertaken for customers over the years.

Sandy Symeonides Sydney vespa and lambretta mechanic

Amongst his own stable is a 1957 Lambretta ‘frame breather’, a 1953 Lambretta 125D, a Vega 75, a rare SS90, an SS180, the VNB Street Sleeper and of course his beloved Sprint ‘Veloce Street Racer’.

We have a simple philosophy at S.S. Scooter; “Every scooter is cared for with the same love we put into our own.”