In 1958, a young man named Colin bought this Vespa VB1, in the UK. It was known as the “Clubman” in the UK when sold under the Douglas banner. He packed his suitcase on the back of his Clubman and decided to ride it across Europe, made a few shortcuts through the Middle East and across Asia. He finally took a ship to Australia and traveled down the coast. After 17801 miles The scooter unexpectedly locked up near Tamworth and Colin decided to buy a farm nearby. The Clubman sat for almost 40 years in a shed, half dismantled collecting red desert dirt and wasps nests, until Colin decided he wanted to ride her one more time. Kitted with a Pinasco tuning cylinder, crank, and ignition, a Polini 23 mm carb and Bollag touring exhaust…this will be some ride for Colin.
1958 Douglas Clubman conservation project. One scooter- two looks! Built by S.S.Scooter Engineering; photographed by Wolfwerk Photography!

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