After many years of passionate Lambretta restorations, Graham O’Brien not only won his category at the National Classic Scooter Rally in Fremantle, but he took out top honours at the Show and Shine event which had over 180 entrants. The best overall scooter at the rally was overwhelmingly awarded to his Lambretta TV175 series one. S.S. Scooter Engineering were as proud as Obie, as we spent hundreds of hours meticulously restoring her to a world class standard.

From the day the it docked in Fremantle, the 1958 Lambretta roared into action with just one kick of the spring-tensioned kick starter. She did not miss a beat all weekend even on the more gruelling rides through the beautiful Western Australian hillsides and great Aussie heat.

One of the worlds most rare, and in our opinion, most beautiful scooters, was not only doing the 100km round trips effortlessly but was leaving some scooters behind in a cloud of 6% 2 stroke mist.

But she was not alone in Lambretta TV1 glory. Ron from Casa Lambretta also brought in not only one but two  running unrestored TV1s. A sight that may never be seen again in my lifetime were three TV1s running side by side,  and  it marked a great moment in Australian scootering history.

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