EVIL TWINS- photos by Wolfwerk Photography

I started off with the objective of creating a high performance Street Racer that was also suitable for safe daily riding in the city and then for a weekend cruise to the coast, for my wife Fiona. Since its inception the 210 PX has become a test bed for me

to improve and put through their paces the lasted advancements in scooter technology.
With a ported Malossi 210 cylinder, blue printed cases, larger carb, shortened forth, reinforced Scooter and Service clutch and SIP expansion pipe being some of the engine modifications; and with subtle styling cues like the SSC race seat, digital speedo, carbon T5 mudguard and T5 horn-caste, has created an ideal package for this multifaceted Vespa, and has spawned many custom PX’s to developed through the workshop.
The Midnight-Blue Street Racer is one PX210’s evil twins, and the latest to be commissioned and built. With a more radical port timings, Vespatronic ignition, drop bars, digital speedo, ET4 rear light, tubeless rims, up-rated brakes and suspension are the start of this PX’s radical transformation into an aggressive Street Racer.

Thanks to Mark for the use of your studio and your great scooter stacking skills!

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