The Luna line built by Innocenti or as it is known in Italy, ‘The Lui’, is one of the most futuristic looking scooters ever penned. Designed by Bertone (designer of many of many Italian sports cars) in the 1960’s, he managed to give Innocenti an elegant and avante gard scooter that was designed to appeal to the youth market.

The world was in flux and with events such as the moon landings, Bertone gave the masses a low cost vehicle that was inspired by the changing world around him. Unfortunately, the Luna line did not save Innocenti from an economic downturn that would eventually lead to their closure.

But the Luna line (Luna-Vega-Cometta) did give the world the first automatic 2-stroke lubrication system and possibly the most artistic low-cost mass-produced vehicles. And in Australasia, the Vega gave us a unique example of this beautiful scooter. With front and rear indicators, and passenger foot pegs installed to meet with Australain design regulations of the time, this restored Vega 75s is a very rare scooter indeed.

With only 8000 unit produced, and only a fraction of them landing on our shores, the restoration of this unique scooter by S.S. Scooter represents an important piece of Australian automotive history.

Photos by: Wolfwerk Photography

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