S.S Scooter will always service and repair your scooter to our highest standards of workmanship and skill to ensure that you enjoy safe and reliable riding and fun with your scooter for many years to come.

Please download the Terms & Conditions form here, fill it in and email or drop it back to the workshop. Work will only commence on your scooter once you agree to and sign the Terms & Conditions.

All repairs suggested by S.S Scooter Engineering (S.S Scooter) will be discussed verbally with the Client and only carried out and charged for if the client and S.S Scooter agree on these.

Where S.S Scooter is asked to give an estimate before work is carried out, a diagnosis fee will apply at a minimum of 1/2h labour charge.
All price estimates are exclusive of GST.

If, when a scooter is dismantled, additional problems are detected, SS Scooter will ask the Client to leave clear instructions for SS Scooter to either proceed with all necessary repairs, or contact you, our Client, first. Where S.S Scooter spends time carrying out and providing a detailed diagnosis but the Client decides not to carry out the repair, S.S Scooter is entitled to charge a fee for the diagnosis (min cost 1/2h labour). S.S Scooter reserves the right to refuse work on a Client’s scooter due to disrespectful or threatening behavior of the Client. All costs up to this point will be charged to the Client and the scooter must be collected immediately from the workshop premises.

Payment is due when picking up the vehicle. The client will be notified verbally by S.S Scooter unless otherwise agreed in writing by S.S Scooter.
S.S Scooter accepts all major credit cards except Diners Club and American Express.

All credit card payments are charged with 2% surcharge.

Restorations, engine rebuilds or larger jobs require a deposit to be paid before the job commences (50% deposit of the price estimate).
Where S.S Scooter requires payment of a deposit, the Client acknowledges that the deposit is not refundable.
S.S Scooter has the right to retain your scooter until the invoice has been paid.

Delivery & Pick-up
Time frame and pick up date will be discussed verbally with the client when dropping off the scooter.
The Client commits to picking up the vehicle on the agreed date. S.S Scooter will complete the work in a reasonable time. However we will not be liable for any delay due to circumstances beyond S.S Scooter’s control.

If the Client does not collect the scooter within five working days of us notifying the Client, a storage charge of $20.00 per day will apply.

The Client authorizes S.S Scooter to order, on their behalf, any parts or materials necessary to carry out the work.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Client must pay to S.S Scooter the full cost of obtaining any such parts and materials (including any costs arising from currency fluctuations between the date the parts and materials were ordered and paid for).

S.S Scooter will not, without the Client’s prior authorization, carry out any work or supply any materials which are not included or referred to in the work.

S.S Scooter will supply and fit all necessary parts and materials and grants warranty on these.
If parts are supplied by the Client or have been fitted by a different workshop, we do not warrant for these parts or any effects these might have on the scooter.

S.S Scooter does not accept liability for any of its Clients’ property: including jackets, helmets and scooters left on premises.

All scooters are booked in by appointment only.
Once a job is confirmed by both S.S Scooter and the Client, it may not be cancelled. Cancellation of the job by the Client will only be accepted on the condition that any costs, charges and expenses already incurred be paid by the Client.

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